North East brings adventure to UK holidays

Mysterious, enticing, adventurous- North East England is full of surprises and has launched a groundbreaking online outdoor activity planner, which reveals the stunning array of outdoor activities and locations the region has to offer and gives holiday makers the chance to bring their very own North East adventure to life.

Perfect for pallid office workers with no time to plan, mums and dads crying out for some fresh and entertaining ideas and adrenaline junkies looking for their next hit, the Adventure Generator, which is now live at, has got something for everyone. It provides visitors with a personal, interactive holiday planner, which chooses each user’s adventure from the wide range of outdoor activities available in the North East, from family days out at Blue Flag beaches and nature reserves, to extreme experiences like skydiving and kite surfing.

Steve Cram, World Champion 1500m runner and BBC athletics commentator, who is testing the Adventure Generator, said: “The North East has a huge amount to offer visitors. The Adventure Generator suggests loads of great activities that can be enjoyed outdoors, which should encourage people to come to the region and discover a fantastic range of adventures, from the very gentle to the more ambitious.

“Since retiring from competitive athletics, I have spent loads of time exploring the great outdoors in the North East, walking, running and cycling to keep fit in outstanding surroundings. For me, part of the excitement of the Adventure Generator is not knowing what three activities and attractions it will create and then seeing it planned out for you on a map. It’s a really fun and informative application.”

The North East’s new online holiday tool has been developed in response to the high demand for UK breaks this summer, along with the growing interest and participation in outdoor activities such as walking, cycling and more adventurous pursuits like surfing. The Adventure Generator is designed to make it easier for holidaymakers to find their perfect outdoor break in the region.

The innovative application works by creating a new three part adventure every time it’s given a spin. Once an adventure has been generated, each element can be viewed on a colourful interactive map with a link to detailed information to help the user plan their visit down to the last military detail. If the adventurer doesn’t like the options, they can spin each part again or request a completely new three part adventure. When the perfect combination of activities has been found the user can also use the site to involve their friends and family and challenge them to try their own North East experience or join them on theirs.