Knexus Digital hosts live chat with leading Online Reputation Management expert

Knexus Digital, which provides innovative online tools with market leading insights to maximise marketing performance and deliver digital marketing success, successfully teamed up with Mark Rogers, co-founder of Market Sentinel for a first of its kind live Q and A.

Participants were leading brand marketers and the topic under discussion was ‘My brand reputation is damaged-how can I rebuild it?’

Insights addressed included how brands should protect themselves online, recovering from damaging PR, the impact of positive press and key learning from the BA case study. The Q and A was engaging, dynamic and snappy, covering key questions such as:

– Common mistakes made by brands online?
– A case study for a company that successfully avoided brand damage?
– Industries most susceptible to brand damage online?

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Knexus Digital provides innovative online tool and leading market insights to maximise marketing team’s performance and deliver digital marketing success.

In essence, Knexus Digital helps marketing teams acquire new skills and insights to adapt to a fast-changing marketplace. In the face of global competition and shrinking marketing budgets, we provide digital marketing solutions in quick, easy and cost-effective ways.

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