WAES Recognises Student Achievements

waes_logo-smallWestminster Adult Education Service (WAES) has praised students for their remarkable achievements in learning at an awards ceremony at the University of Westminster on Monday, 11 May 2009.

The awards were presented to the students as part of the annual Adult Learners’ Week celebration and recognise those students who have realised life-long dreams and transformed their lives through learning.

All sixteen students of the OCR Certificate in Fitness Instructing were some of the winners on Monday night. The OCR Fitness Instructor course links directly into employment opportunities in the industry and many of the students have already been offered work after their very successful year.

Course Team Leader Shiralee Wakeham said that this is the first time in her sixteen year teaching history that there has been a 100% pass rate in the theory exam as well as a 100% pass rate in the practical exam.

“It’s an amazingly diverse group of students – from young single mothers to grandparents – and they have had to overcome physical, medical, emotional, mental, financial and cultural issues in order to succeed on their course.

The one thing they all have in common though is their desire and steely determination to fulfil their dreams, to make something new of their lives by starting a career in the fitness industry,” Wakeham said.

Donald Lush, Director of Student Support for WAES said: “Every person who received an award has a great story to tell. We want everyone, whatever their age or background, to have the opportunity to succeed.”


Date: 12 May 2009

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Editor’s Notes

1. Westminster Adult Education Service (WAES) is one of the most diverse and dynamic communities in Britain. WAES reflects that diversity and dynamism. We are one of the largest adult education providers in the country.
2. The service is part of the education department of the City of Westminster. It is funded by the London Central Learning and Skills Council. Our board of governors includes student representatives, elected members of the city council and members from the community and local organisations.
3. We have strong roots in the community, running courses where they are needed through partnerships with the local authority and other community and education bodies.
4. To ensure the quality of our courses and support for students, WAES is inspected by the Adult Learning Inspectorate. On courses leading to national qualifications, we must also meet the high standards required by examination bodies.