Why you use outplacement when making staff redundant.

istock_000003188989smallThe move into a new economic climate is a period of flux and change for many people.
Using OsCar means those staying in employment with you can carry on working efficiently from one year to the next; while it enables those moving on to new opportunities to embrace a changed career paths or explore new projects which will further develop their skills and ability.
• By using OsCar early in the consultation process we can help staff to face up to the fear, stress and even panic long before in becomes ingrained.

• As outside, unbiased professionals we can ally the fear and bring some calm and reality into the minds of the workforce.

• Very often more people are ‘in limbo’ than are actually going to be made redundant which is a very difficult and destructive time for the organization. We recognize that the company does not need to bring us in. We can ‘sell’ this back to the workforce.

• People at risk gain an outside person they can rely on. All meetings are confidential and employees get to know we are on their side and that they will gain professional career counselling. If brought in early enough we can reduce absenteeism and reassure key workers who might be considering a move.

• 95% of managers see outplacement support as a key tool in keeping staff that the business needs. Staff are less likely to ‘jump ship’ if they see their colleagues being helped through a period of change.

• By using OsCar it demonstrates care and consideration by the employer. Those left behind feel well cared for and more secure and for those who have to move on it improves their self esteem and sense of purpose.

• It maintains the goodwill of those leaving the business giving the employer status in their field and in the wider community. By using OsCar it ensure that the redundancies are handled professionally and with dignity.

• It helps line managers feel happier about delivering the news; happy in the knowledge that their staff are going to be looked after.

• It will help employees move on without resentment and other destructive emotions.
• OsCar provides employees with a smoother and quicker transition back into employment by giving them the skills necessary to find new employment, retraining and many other options that OsCar can discuss with them. The employee is encouraged to think about themselves, often for the first time in many years. With the additional help of email and phone contact after the contract is finished, this provides a safety net for many people.

• Outplacement gives a better focus on the change/restructuring agenda; by bringing in OsCar HR the line managers are free to focus on the change within the organization. This leaves OsCar to manage the employees who are being made redundant. OsCar can also coach those left behind to manage their new roles and the change taking place.

• OsCar brings an independent perspective and tailors its programmes /one to one sessions to individuals. We find that one size does not fit all. Everyone is different and reacts differently to change. We manage expectation, anger, despair and self-esteem to mention just a few of the prevalent emotions. We have the experience to recognize what is required and how to get people back on the front foot and in control of their lives.

• In a recent survey 90% of companies said they would offer support if change took place, 100% of those organizations believe “support enhances the ease with which changes are implemented and accepted”.

• Offering OsCar support is an important part of building a successful employer brand. Without doubt people talk and some industries are very incestuous. By being an employer who cares about their staff you become an employer of choice where you can attract the best and most loyal of staff.
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Read what others say about us:-
“In September 2006 when faced with a full Plant closure I secured the services of ‘My Coach’ as my outplacement support. The were two main reasons for this selection, firstly their approach to everyone in the Plant was equal, no us and them, secondly the professional but friendly and approachable service was one that we all felt we could work with.
Having announced the full closure ‘My Coach’ worked tirelessly with the Senior Management Team on their current issues and future aspirations. She certainly caused them to assess their career and next move.

As the HR Manager you tend to get forgotten about in these situations but this was not the case for me as ‘My Coach’ ensured that I got as much of her time as necessary and became my sponge!. When I needed my CV turning round quickly she was there for me and when I needed to bounce ideas and thoughts off someone, again she was there for me.
Altogether everyone at work agreed it was a very professional service that did not finish when the doors were shut. Indeed ,’My Coach’ keeps in regular contact with me to see how the old team is doing and what if anything she can do to help.
I cannot recommend her services highly enough.”
Jane Lee
Major International Corporate

OsCar Systems have a wealth of experience in working with businesses faced with making employees redundant and fully recognise the advantages of outplacement to the employer as well as the employee. Working with corporates in the private sector and public sector clients, we have gained a reputation for caring but focused and constructive coaching ensuring that employee relations are maintained in these difficult times. Confidential contact can be made by phone on 02070431636 or by email at hr@oscar-pbx.com or by visiting our Outplacement web pages.