Up-skilling: a pressing need for marketers today!

11 May 2009 – London – Sir Martin Sorrell (WPP) was right when he noted that a lack of investment in the digital sector from traditional marketers will be a hazardous issue in the future. In a tough economic climate where online continues to grow, up skilling is becoming a key concern for marketing teams.

Knexus Digital has identified that the recession is in fact accelerating the shift from ‘traditional’ to ‘digital’, with shrinking budgets and thinning resources creating a greater focus on measurability and openness to more innovative approaches.

Providing the latest market intelligence, actionable ideas and insights to marketers, Knexus Digital’s 32+experts provide thought leadership around 12 digital marketing categories to help traditional marketers. Covering topics such as reaching new audiences, search, social media and new forms of customer behaviour, marketers gain rapid, practical insights together with vital market intelligence to help them stay ahead of the game!

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About Knexus Digital
Knexus Digital, the essential digital marketing resource, delivers latest insights and market intelligence to leading global brands. We combine exclusive digital marketing content from leading experts with innovative productivity tools to drive success.

In essence, Knexus Digital helps marketing teams acquire new skills and insights to adapt to a fast-changing marketplace. In the face of global competition and shrinking marketing budgets, we provide digital marketing solutions in quick, easy and cost-effective ways.

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