ad: tech Paris: Graeme Foux on Best Practices in Brand Engagement

7 May 2009 – London – Graeme Foux, founder and CEO of Knexus, provided compelling insights on brand engagement on the web at ad:tech Paris 2009. Alongside Xavier Hesse, Global Sourcing Media Director of Cadbury, the discussion focused on some key trends and best practices in online brands representation.

‘Cadbury have done some great work in the social media space such as their Wispa campaign, so it was a pleasure to be invited to share the platform with them at Adtech and talk about best practices in brand engagement on the web.’’ said Graeme.

He focused on 5 key messages that successful brands should incorporate in the online environment:

– Successful brands understand the new mindset required on the web in terms of pull rather than push marketing, and how to marry this with the new tools
– Focus on building trust and engagement, not just reach and frequency;
– Don’t try to boil the ocean with reaching all your target audience on the net – aim for the influencers
– Beware of only creating buzz and making noise – conversations create much greater value
– People talk through brands not about brands

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Graeme Foux is founder & CEO at Knexus, a media tech company based in London.

Graeme has worked in digital marketing for the past 16 years, both in Europe and the U.S. He is a successful entrepreneur, having built and sold one of the pioneering internet consulting businesses of the 1990’s. He founded Knexus in 2002 to focus on B2B social media, and is responsible for leading growth in both its Knexus Digital and Knexus Tech divisions.

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