Student success for adult learning in Westminster

waes_logo1Magdoline Abdulla, a Sudanese mother of three escaped a life of turmoil in her native country and has been living in the UK for over three years. Not being able to speak a word of English, Magdoline built up the courage and enrolled onto an ESOL course at Westminster Adult Education Service (WAES). This decision has changed her life.

Magdoline says; “ it’s so important for me to learn and improve my English as it will mean that I can do simple things like take my children to the doctors and go to school meetings”

Arriving in a new country was very scary and daunting for Magdoline but learning to speak English at WAES and receiving tremendous support from her tutors has given her enormous confidence and the ability to look into the future with great optimism.

Magadoline is currently studying the ESOL Upper Intermediate and the CLAIT Introduction to Computing course at WAES and her long-term goal is to secure a job in childcare.


Date: 23rd April 2009
Enquiries: Irene Watt 020 7641 7848

Editor’s Notes

1. Westminster Adult Education Service (WAES) is one of the most diverse and dynamic communities in Britain. WAES reflects that diversity and dynamism. We are one of the largest adult education providers in the country.
2. The service is part of the education department of the City of Westminster. It is funded by the London Central Learning and Skills Council. Our board of governors includes student representatives, elected members of the city council and members from the community and local organisations.
3. We have strong roots in the community, running courses where they are needed through partnerships with the local authority and other community and education bodies.
4. To ensure the quality of our courses and support for students, WAES is inspected by the Adult Learning Inspectorate. On courses leading to national qualifications, we must also meet the high standards required by examination bodies.