Unique Sample Subscription Service Breaks Beats, not the Bank!

beattreats_logo_300dpiBeat Treats provides producers throughout the world with inspiration in the form of a new sample construction kit delivered each month for one year. All for just £2!

www.beattreats.co.uk is a cutting-edge service that offers yearly subscriptions to 100% original, professionally produced sample packs covering multiple styles of music including Afro-House, Breaks, Chill-House, Deep-House, Hip-Hop, Jerk-Beat, Nu-Soul and Tech-House.

The service was established by a collective of veteran beat producers, including Martin ‘Atjazz’ Iveson, Clive ‘Clyde’ Astin and the mysterious Fireworm, amongst some other big-name guest contributors. “Sample CD’s can be expensive and somewhat unoriginal, but we have created a series of unique, raw beats and broken them right down to unique individual hits. With unrestricted usage, we feel we are arming producers with a quality, value for money and deadly product”, stated co-founder Iveson.

“Also, we think the service will be a ray of sunshine for beat heads the world over, as our subscriptions deliver one new beat construction kit to their inbox on the first Monday of each month for a year, quite literally a beat treat”, added Astin.

Each sample pack is delivered as a zip file containing a one to two bar sample of the complete arrangement, along with 16bit, 44kHz quality samples of the individual elements for producers to either remodel the or use in their original productions.

Beat Treats’ initial offering will extend to other musical styles within the next few months and the company hopes to offer a series of dedicated sample packs at very reasonable prices shortly too.


Additional information

Beat Treats is owned and operated by Atjazz Record Company (www.atjazz.co.uk/label), Fireworm Multimedia (www.fireworm.co.uk) and M8MC Music (www.m8mcmusic.co.uk).

Users may sign up to as many subscription genres as they wish and will receive one zip file each month containing a new, original beat never heard before. These feature a loop of the complete construction kit along with 16bit 44kHz sample of all individual hits.

All subscriptions are priced at just £2, being just over 2 EUR and just under $3.

Users of Beat Treats beat construction sample packs may use all contents free of charge however they see fit including commercial applications. However, they are restricted from distributing and reselling the content.

For more information:
Visit: www.beattreats.co.uk
E-mail: info@beattreats.co.uk
Tel: +44 (0) 115 714 9878

For a media pack, including high resolution logo, please click: http://www.beattreats.co.uk/beattreatspresspack.zip

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