The most convenient port in Iceland

straumsvik_200_160The Port of Hafnarfjordur is located in the southwest of Iceland, in easy reach of the capital Reykjavik. It has excellent facilities for many types of vessel and offers the highest possible service at low prices.

Hafnarfjordur is one of the largest ports in Iceland with excellent facilities for visiting fishing ships – including cold storage, maintenance and repairs, and top quality unloading facilities. The town of Hafnarfjordur is also an idyllic stop over for any crew.

Hafnarfjordur is more than just a port for fishermen though. Containers and cruise ships are equally welcome, as well as oil unloading, bauxite suction and dry storage.

The Port of Hafnarfjordur is split over two sites: in Hafnarfjordur and at Straumsvik 4 kilometres away from the town itself. The Straumsvik site is located next to the Gasfelagid hf liquefied petroleum gas depot and the Icelandic Aluminium Company (ISAL) smelter site and therefore has facilities for unloading bauxite.

Hafnarfjordur’s sheltered harbour provides comfortable berthing options for cruise ships up to 350 metres long with 8-10 metres draught. The pretty town offers plenty for visiting cruise ship passengers to do – and that’s before they even realise that the nation’s capital is only a 10-15 minute drive away!

Ports in Iceland are increasingly taking advantage of the country’s strategic location right in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean – still one of the most important shipping routes in the world. Iceland ports also stand to benefit from the likely existence of oil in Icelandic waters and from the opening up of new shipping lanes in the High North.

Hafnarfjordur Harbour is free of ice all year round and is therefore able to maintain the same level of service in the winter and summertime alike.

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