Income after retirement

Can you imagine how wonderful it would be if a career agent or broker could actually earn long term residual income from all their hard work and effort in the industry? What about the agents and associate brokers who have dedicated many years of their lives, who would like to retire, but find they can’t? And if they do, what happens to their client base…is it sold? Is it given away…maybe even forgotten? What about retirement income or residual income over the long term?

Statistics reveal that 85% of all real estate agents turn over every three years. Yikes, the numbers are staggering. For brokerages, can you imagine what kind of additional gross transactional income you could bring into an office by harnessing these lost transactions and client bases?

Please allow us to introduce you to a new and cutting edge Exit Strategy we have designed at My Green Parachute which benefits both active and inactive Real estate Agents everywhere. This MGP program was developed for inactive agents, retiring brokers and career agents thinking about slowing down in Real Estate. It was also developed as a way for active professional real estate agents to increase business with top notch referrals. This progressive program benefits both the active and inactive agents like never before.

This program is devised by Carolyn Kindley-Single who realized that there may be a way for everyone involved to benefit from a program that captured real estate transactions at the source. So after almost three years of researching state real estate commission requirements, real estate laws, solid operational procedures, and cutting edge technology, is that Exit Strategy and it is launching throughout the country now. Estate agents can also join their on-line community, by logging on to, which is their blog site. It is an excellent platform for discussions and exchange of ideas.
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