Agewell Technologies launches a platform for providing service to elders

Agewell Technologies today unveiled – an innovative offering for providing a range of services for the elderly segment of society.

In today’s society, many elders live away from their children. Sons or daughters live in a geographical location different from that of their parents due to a variety of reasons. This physical distance, however, in no way diminishes their desire to take care of the elders/ parents. Enter Eldess – the bridge between the generations to provide all essential services for elders. The Eldess platform has been designed to equip these concerned sons and daughters with the means to support their parents/ elders, in a tangible manner, by buying various support services for them.

As the first of such offerings, Eldess has launched a comprehensive elderly healthcare service in Mumbai that covers the entire range of healthcare needs – From arranging for a general physician to arranging for a specialist like a cardiologist, and from providing for alternate therapies to discussion forums (where queries pertaining to various relevant topics including serious ones like Parkinsons can be discussed). There are also a host of support services around this main offering, such as an attendant being made available to accompany the elders to the hospital/ doctor.

Says Maneesh Mehra, co-founder – ‘We want to cover every primary healthcare service that a youngster may seek for his elders. We want to provide for all this at a single place so that no one need go anywhere else for primary healthcare needs/ questions’.

He further explained how this initiative is different from the other healthcare offerings – ‘The consumer today has a major say in every stage of the healthcare process – From which doctor to consult, to agreeing for certain tests and making a choice of hospital. We have replicated this real life process on our platform, by presenting the full choice of options at each stage. We also support decision making through our discussion forum, which would replicate today’s process of seeking advice from friends/ acquaintances.’

Adds Roopesh Kumar, Founder – “My work has taken me to Mumbai, Bangalore and London, and in each of these places I have faced the problem of supporting my parents who live on their own. Support from relatives has become harder as each family today has the same problem of youngsters moving away. I would be happy to pay for support to my parents, but there is no one providing such services today even at a price. And this problem exists in the case of every person I have spoken to in the past few years!’

The Eldess Vision is to support the caring sons and daughters and provide a range of services for the elderly community, In the next few months, we will enhance the existing services and add new ones. “
Eldess has been founded and funded by IIT and IIM alumni, who have worked in well known companies such as UBS, HCL Tech, British Gas, SBI Capital Markets, Tata Steel, Infosys and Nexgen.

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