Online Marketing and Gaming Culture: Expert video at Knexus Digital

Knexus Digital, the essential digital marketing resource, has released an online video explaining how to engage and target the right audience via in-game marketing! With live case studies, expert insights and interactive material wrapped into less than 60 minutes, marketers can find out about in-game strategies to significantly bolster their marketing performance.

Join Knexus Digital Virtual Worlds expert, Marco Piu (from Red Moon Studios) and discover:

– How Online games form a market place
– How different types of online games (MMO, browser games, casual games, gambling/casinos) are used by marketers
– Who are you targeting: gamers’ profiles?
– What you need to know: In-game marketing strategies?
– How to target gamers properly: Sponsoring or/and Co-Branding?
– Our industry expert’s insights & examples of most recent practice

Marketers looking to optimize their digital marketing performance via unlocking the world of online games can sign up for complimentary access here:

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