Knexus Digital: Compelling B2B Email Marketing insights

Knexus Digital, the digital marketing resource, has launched a B2B Email Marketing programme to help marketers stay competitive with cutting-edge insights. These insights are tailored to assist marketers with market intelligence to achieve a high rate of B2B email deliverability with a focus on industry benchmarks.

This programme of content is delivered by Knexus expert, Ed Weatherall (Concep), who will take questions live online and provide includes valuable expert insights via case studies.

Knexus Digital Product Manager Ashmi Ahluwalia commented ‘The Knexus 2009 B2B Email Marketing programme equips marketers with unique know-how on acquisition and retention capabilities via B2B channels, how deliverability is best achieved as well as upsell, cross-sell and sales strategies via the inbox. These insights separate market leaders from everyone else’.

Marketers looking to accelerate their digital marketing performance, improve ROI and stay competitive can sign up for complimentary access to Knexus Digital’s B2B Email Marketing programme at

Please contact Sherlyn Lee for further details at e.

About Knexus Digital

Knexus Digital, the essential digital marketing resource, delivers latest insights and market intelligence to leading global brands. We combine exclusive digital marketing content from leading experts with innovative productivity tools to drive success.

Our rich programme of 450 + latest digital marketing topics is delivered by 25 leading experts to suit the flexible needs of our customers – ranging from 10 minute expert insights online to 120 minute offline networking opportunities. Coupled with this, our powerful tools provide effective networking & collaboration, blogging and reporting capabilities.

In essence, Knexus Digital helps marketing teams acquire new skills and insights to adapt to a fast-changing marketplace. In the face of global competition and shrinking marketing budgets, we provide digital marketing solutions in quick, easy and cost-effective ways.

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