Are you going to live to 150? – Its not just about living longer but living well.

In the last 150 years, life expectancy has doubled from 40 to 80, and according to Aubrey de Grey the Cambridge gerontologist, the first person who will live to be 1000 is already alive and 150 is eminently achievable. the lifestyle web portal aimed at the 50 plus age group has launched a Brain Gym, with the aim of helping their members maintain a longer, happier, and healthier life. Current research indicates that the brain can be extensively remodelled throughout the course of one’s life, without drugs, and without surgery – with regions of the brain that can be taught to do different tasks.

“Many believe that as they age their brain becomes less capable of coping with metal challenges,” explains University of Sussex based Neuropsychologist Dr David Lewis, who with colleague Darren Bridger, created the Brain Gym.

“Due to this mistaken belief they fail to exercise their mind sufficiently, so creating a self-fulfilling prophecy of failure. In recent years a vast body of research has shown that, by following the right training and adopting a new and positive attitude to the possibilities of enhancing one’s mental abilities, truly remarkable intellectual achievements can be enjoyed.”

The Brain Gym Programme provides the brain a good workout with four Modules, each of which will exercise the mental faculties in a different way, helping to build strength, stamina, and agility along the way. Although each Module focuses on one aspect of thinking better, the benefits they confer will have the effect of increasing all aspects of mental functioning. The order in which they can be worked on depends on the results of the initial Free Assessment.

The Free Brain Age Test calculates the age of the brain against the chronological age of the participant. This test is designed to uncover the true age of the brain, and to act as a reference point for the participant’s future brain improvement. Upon completion of the test the participant will receive a full and confidential report by email.

By regularly using the facilities at the Funkyfogey Brain Gym, individuals are not only improving their memory and general brain functioning, but they are also are contributing valuable information and data for current scientific research into how the brain works.

As part of these studies David Lewis and his team at Mind Lab International a brain research organisation based in the Innovations Centre at the University of Sussex, will analyse the Brain Gym data in order to further their understanding of the role such cognitive enhancement programmes play in developing the mental faculties of older adults.

“Exercising the mind is about far more than tackling a series of puzzles and tests, entertaining as many people find such things,” explains David Lewis. “It is about developing a whole, new, personal philosophy about what it means to get older and how we can all safeguard our mental and physical fitness throughout life.”

With these aims in mind the Brain Gym includes a blog written by Dr David Lewis, free articles on many aspects of mental enhancement and a regularly updated video training lecture – The Two Minute Mind Masterclass – written and presented by Dr Lewis.

Notes for Editors

Dr David Lewis BSc(Hons) DPhil, FISMA. FINSDT C.Psychol. is a neuropsychologist author and lecturer specialising in brain research. A member of MENSA he is the author of more than a dozen best selling books on mental enhancement at all ages, including: Mind Skills, Your Can Teach Your Child Intelligence; Know Your Own Mind, Thinking Better, and Life Unlimited: Peak Performance Past Forty.

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