SEO and Social Media: Live Insights at Knexus Digital

Knexus Digital, the digital marketing resource, will host live insights on ‘SEO and Social Media’ to help marketers optimize their SEO performance using social media strategies. This content will deliver the latest insights and market intelligence on the effective utilisation of SEO spend and how social media can play a crucial role in SEO optimisation.

The programme is created in conjunction with ‘SEO’ expert Grant Whiteside (Ambergreen) who will deliver insights and take questions live online. The content will also be available On Demand via video and downloadable podcasts.

Ashmi Ahluwalia, Knexus Digital Product Manager commented, “SEO has the potential to deliver the high ROI returns that marketing teams need to succeed. Knexus will help marketers to understand and stay in-touch with how to optimise their page rankings, improve their site traffic as well as TOSAS (Time on Site after Search) ratings and drive up revenue via online sales channels. These insights will separate market leaders from the rest.”

Marketers looking to for the best learning and insights on SEO can get a complimentary sample of Knexus Digital’s insights here :

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