Australian Pixel Site to Promote a Country, Give Half a Mill to Charity, Increase Tourism and More

According to the web site,, set up by Nadir Dalati, the aim is to increase tourism, further promote the country and make enough profit to donate Half A Million Dollars to an Australian Charity, as selected by the Australian public via an online vote which is to take place upon completion of all Pixel sales.

The question is, can it be done?… well, only time will tell. All they do know is the site, although has only been operating for 8 days, it has already had over 17000 hits and sold 9100 pixels.

The site is made up of 4 grids with each one on a different page, three of the grid categories are ‘anything and everything’, ‘thing’s to do’, and ‘stays’. The interesting thing is, there is also one grid called ‘just for fun’, where people are able to even advertise themselves via having their photo uploaded on to the pixels. Once clicked on, the photo link automatically takes you to that persons profile on facebook, myspace or other…… could this become the next phase?

Once all pixels are sold on the site, half a million dollars will be donated to one of the selected Australian charities.

The blog section states the site was set up for two main reasons; to give more back to the country and to get out of the rat race and spend more quality time with the family.