HCI helps to improve Ireland’s hospitals’ hygiene ratings

Health Care Informed (HCI), quality and safety system specialists, has been working with Ireland’s hospitals to develop a Quality Management and Information System (QMIS) with the help of award winning quality management software – Q-Pulse. Recent independent findings have now highlighted the benefits.

The hygiene review reports issued by The Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA), show that the hospitals who work with HCI in utilising Q-Pulse, including, Galway University Hospitals, Letterkenny General Hospital, Sligo General Hospital, The Rotunda Hospital and Children’s University Hospital, Temple Street, were rated a minimum of ‘B’ for the management and control of their policies and procedures (Standard CM 4.4) – an exceptionally good rating in this category, and for many demonstrating a marked improvement in this area.

Designed and developed to support an organisation’s operational activities in clinical governance, Q-Pulse provided a valuable solution assisting the hospitals in developing a QMIS – effectively managing the control and approval of documented processes, management of audits, equipment management and compliant management.

John Sweeney, Director at HCI said,

“HCI is delighted that the development of Quality Management Information Systems utilising Q-Pulse has contributed to the excellent ratings of these hospitals after their Hygiene Services Quality Review by the HIQA.

Having controlled and defined processes are vitally important for hospitals in reducing healthcare-associated infections, and Q-Pulse has not only helped to address this, but also enabled each hospital to effectively and efficiently manage its internal processes and procedures, resulting in a positive outcome for each one.”

Karen Reynolds, Accreditation/Quality Co-ordinator at Sligo General Hospital, said,

“HCI and Q-Pulse both have an established reputation within Irish healthcare. As such we knew that this combined solution would to help us obtain a centralised Quality Management Information System which

supports the overall governance of the hospital, both corporate and clinical, through the provision of a communication hub.

Q-Pulse is invaluable in helping us develop our QMIS, and it has proven its benefits in our HIQA rating. We look forward to continuing to use Q-Pulse for controlling and managing our defined processes.”

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Notes to Editors

Health Care Informed (HCI) brings together specific expertise in the areas of patient/client centred quality and safety systems development, through the effective use of information, involvement and innovative solutions. HCI provides specific services to healthcare organisations across the acute, residential, primary and community care areas. HCI is part of Scottish software company Gael’s global business partner network. –

Q-Pulse from Gael Ltd is a fully integrated compliance management solution that covers key regulatory functions such as Auditing, Document Control, and Corrective and Preventive Action (CA/PA) Management.

Designed for organisations operating in strict regulatory compliance environments in the healthcare, life science and aviation marketplace, the product has been specifically developed to support the operational activities of a company’s compliance management system.

The Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) was established in May 2007 as part of the government’s health reform programme and is committed to operating to the highest standards of corporate governance.

An independent Authority, with broad ranging functions and powers reporting to the Minister for Health, the Authority has been set up to drive quality, safety, accountability and the best use of resources in our health and social care services, whether delivered by public, voluntary or private bodies.

Contact Details

John Sweeney, Director, Healthcare Informed, High Street, Headford, Co. Galway, Ireland
T: +353-(0) 93-36126 F: +353 (0)93 34752 E:john.sweeney@hci.ie W: www.hci.ie