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‘Venulum Property Investments Ltd believes that the market now offers some interesting opportunities as prices fall and yields rise. Venulum have not made any purchases for their mutual funds for over two years as yield compression effectively priced them out of the market. However, they are now looking at several opportunities to invest the cash in their funds.’

The over valuation of the market has priced Venulum Property Investments out of the property market for the last couple of years, as the effect of yield compression and rising rents have moved selling prices ever upwards. Venulum’s strategy is based on creating and adding value in the long term for its clients rather than trading or relying on short term yield fluctuations. “Each mutual fund has strict guidelines on yield and gearing” explains Richard York head of property management “so we have found it very difficult to buy anything that represents value in such an over heated market” he adds.

But with a rapidly correcting market and funding in short supply, Venulum ( are finding themselves well placed in a market where purchasers that are not reliant on high levels of debt are placed in very high regard. Giles Cadman, Chairman of Venulum and investment manager for the property funds, says “This is now a wonderful time to be a fund manager. We have not acquired anything for the last two years because we have been waiting for this to happen. The adjustment was long overdue with prices being artificially supported. We have been building up funds to buy sites which match our investment criteria”.

Venulum’s “patch” is a relatively small area in and around Northamptonshire.
They are currently looking at several projects that meet their yield, location and value criteria.
The company acts as property manager for several funds of cash from American investors looking to balance their investment portfolios outside the USA. Pensco Trust Co (,) a major US financial organisation, acts as the custodian to the funds allowing investors to use funds from their IRA and 401K retirement portfolios.

“We are very fortunate to have cash available in our funds at a time when the lack of available debt has placed a premium value on investors that can perform” explains Giles Cadman. “Whilst we are sensitive to those who have got into trouble because of cash flow issues, we have the ability to take advantage of prices that we believe will come to reflect extremely good value in five years or so.”

About Venulum:

The Venulum Group is a multinational private wealth management firm headquartered in the British Virgin Islands. The Group manages the wealth of high net worth individuals, and specialises in alternative investments often not available to the general public. Venulum helps high net worth individuals balance their portfolios.

The Venulum Group was formed in 2002 and has expanded to include offices in five countries with service offices in a further two. Since 2002 Venulum’s client base has expanded rapidly, and they now have a substantial number of United States based clients.

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