Venulum expands Toronto office

Venulum, a multinational private wealth management firm, has recently expanded its Toronto operation in the prestigious Royal Trust Tower on Canada’s equivalent of Wall Street – alongside the world’s leading financial institutions.

Venulum has doubled its office space in the Royal Trust Tower, which forms part of the Toronto-Dominion Centre. The Centre, which comprises six skyscrapers in one block, is the most important financial centre in the country thus drawing comparisons to New York’s Wall Street.

The Royal Trust Tower, situated adjacent to the Ernst & Young Tower was designed by the famous architect Miles van der Rohe, who was one of the pioneers of modern architecture (he designed New York’s Seagram building). It is one of the most important buildings in the country; home to some of the world’s most established and respected financial institutions including Price Waterhouse Coopers & Deloitte and Touche.

Richard Lowden, C.F.O. & Senior Vice-President of The Venulum Group, explains the reason behind the expansion: “Venulum is growing as a business. While many other investment companies are making cuts in the current economic climate, we are experiencing growth. The new office gives a more efficient working environment and a base where we continue to welcome clients who are unable to attend conferences.”

Venulum’s expansion in this prestigious location can be mainly attributed to the fact that its property and wine investments are holding up well in testing times. Giles Cadman, Chairman of Venulum, comments on Venulum’s property that: “We are entering a period of great opportunity to acquire some bargains in the property markets, and Venulum is constantly being offered distressed sales from cash-strapped developers.”

Also, at this time of such volatility on the world financial markets, ensuring any investment portfolio carries a modest percentage of fine wine appears sound advice for longer-term stability; a thought echoed and backed up by many experts.

Mike King, Director, Venulum En-Primeur and Wine Investments Limited, comments of Venulum’s Wine fund: “Whilst there were no new investments into the fund during the last quarter, it was a very successful period – the share value rising by over 6%.”

Venulum has used a professional project manager for their office expansion, plus professional designers and furniture consultants to make the office space as comfortable for staff and clients as possible. There is also a new staff training area, more meeting space, and separate areas for client acquisition, admin, management and account managers, plus a more prominent entrance right off the elevators.

About Venulum:

The Venulum Group is a multinational private wealth management firm headquartered in the British Virgin Islands. The Group manages the wealth of high net worth individuals, and specializes in alternative investments often not available to the general public. Venulum helps high net worth individuals balance their portfolios.

The Venulum Group was formed in 2002, and has expanded to include offices in four countries. Since 2002 Venulum’s client base has grown steadily, and now has a substantial number of United States based clients.

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