A company’s computer network is the nerve centre of the business which all operations rely upon. However the cost of maintaining an in-house IT department can require a large investment, both in terms of resources and finance.

With a recession looming many companies are opting to reduce or cut their spends and the first things to be assessed can be the in-house IT department.

Outsourcing IT responsibilities can provide a company with reduced expenditure and the ability reallocate resources to better effect. However, if the wrong support IT support company is selected the effects could be disastrous impacting upon efficiency, productivity and even competitive advantage.

DMC Software’s Top Five Tips for selecting a competent IT support company can provide businesses with help top reduce IT expenditure and the risk associated with IT outsourcing.

Full information on IT support can be found at http://www.dmcsoftware.co.uk/TotalCare-ITSupport/TotalCare-Overview.aspx

1. Always ask for a fixed monthly cost- Knowledge of monthly cost upfront allows companies to budget more effectively for their IT support.

Inevitably there will be an hourly rate in addition to this fixed cost should a problem arise. It is also good to be aware of this so you can plan for any contingencies.

2. Ensure the vendor selected is experienced- Check the level, expertise and experience of the consultant who will be handling the business account. By doing your homework before signing up the IT support company can avoid the implications of a bad decision further down the line.

3. Request client references- Ask to speak with other clients and ask probing questions to find out exactly the type of company the provider is. Ask questions so that you can ascertain the quality of the service offer, for example, did they deliver what was promised? How do they handle problems? Would you recommend their services?

4. Choose a package that suits the business needs- Choose a plan that suits the business needs and budget, don’t choose an expensive plan that isn’t required. Look at what each plan provides and select the one that suits the business (and the budget.)

5. Get everything in writing- To avoid ‘surprises’ down the line ensure everything in writing from payment terms through to the work schedule and pace. By having everything in writing the vendor can be held accountable for the promises made.

If a good IT support company is selected the benefits are endless, more money and resources are freed, productivity is increased and operational costs are lowered.

DMC Software Solutions is a reputable company with strong partnerships with both Microsoft and Dell.

TotalCare from DMC offers different IT support service packages to cater for businesses with different needs each providing unparalleled support and system maintenance.

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