Investment opportunity in Iceland

Located 55km from Reykjavik, Tjarnabyggd is offering the unique opportunity to invest in solid, fertile land in a peaceful area surrounded by magnificent nature and close to a large bird conservation reserve.

Residential land on the south coast is now available as a great investment opportunity in Iceland for individuals and families, as well as investors, to build houses, establish small farms for keeping domestic animals, small scale land cultivation or other related activities.

The land covers an area of 600 hectares divided into 61 clusters. Each cluster consists of 6 plots of about 10.000 m2 each. Individual plots may be bought as well as more clusters depending on the size of land investors wish to acquire. The clusters are separated by walkways and 5m wide riding tracks.

Activities such as horse riding, farmhouse accommodation, and horticulture are all very well suited to the region with fertile soil and diverse riding tracks and good pasture ideal for those keeping horses.

The size of the Iceland land investment plots ranges from 1 – 6 hectares. There is no heavy industry on the south coast of Iceland, the tap water is of excellent quality and the land is provided with communal geothermal heated water – for home heating and baths, but also great for any hot tubs or greenhouses.

Tjarnabyggd counts as a suburb, only 4km from the centre of Selfoss. Selfoss is the major town in the area and offers a wide range of services, such as shops, post office, bars, tradesmen and companies providing technical services.

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