Westminster Adult Education Service (WAES) in partnership with the 15 adult learning providers from across London launched the TrainingLondon website at London’s Living Room, City Hall last week.

The TrainingLondon website has been created to provide a central portal for employers to seek local training opportunities for their staff across London through the Train to Gain initiative.

The 15 training providers working together under the banner of TrainingLondon have set out to support the government skills agenda recently set out in the Leitch report.

The Leitch Report shows that the UK must urgently raise achievements at all levels of skills and recommends that it commit to becoming a world leader in skills by 2020. This means doubling attainment at most levels of skill. “Our natural resource is our people – and their potential is both untapped and vast. Skills are the key to unlocking that potential. The price of our country will be enormous higher productivity, the creation of wealth and social justice”, Lord Leitch.

Eileen O’Gara, Deputy Director of Curriculum and Quality for WAES stated: “This is an exciting opportunity for Adult Education providers to work together to develop the learning and skills agenda for employees and to support employers in building and developing their workforce.”

Train to Gain is a new service to help businesses across England get the training they need to succeed and stay successful. The scheme will train and up-skill employees in the workforce up to a full Level 2 national vocational qualification (NVQ), which is the equivalent of 5 good GCSEs. This will be free training for the candidates and their employers will have the opportunity to arrange training through many various options.

For more information on the opportunities WAES has to offer your business, please contact Eileen O’Gara on 020 7641 8157.