Home Repossession uncovered: how it works and how it can be stopped.

Debts.org arguably the UK’s most informative ‘financial health’ website has unveiled a comprehensive section on Mortgage Arrears: how repossession works and how it can be stopped.

Since its launch last year, Debts.org has built a reputation for giving consumers impartial advice they can trust. Debts.org has scores of tips and insights that are ideally suited to consumers in desperate financial situations. Mortgage Arrears gives the struggling homeowner an inside look at the repossession process and has an FAQ page to answer the most common questions surrounding the thorny issue of home repossession. Perhaps most importantly, however, is a section on stopping repossession – no homeowner who has lapsed on mortgage payments should miss it.

When asked about the updated Mortgage Arrears section, Debts.org manager, Marcus Doherty said, “Hundreds of homeowners are having their homes repossessed on a daily basis and the situation doesn’t look like improving until well into 2009. Uncertainty over the process only adds to the problem so our Repossession Process guide should help people plan ahead. Of course many people are still able to prevent their home being repossessed and our page on How to Stop Repossession explains how.”

Debts.org has also been busy looking at ways to get more money back into the public’s pocket. In the coming weeks, Debts.org will be launching their Unfair Charges service to help consumers reclaim what’s rightfully theirs. Most people already know that banks have been taken to court over unreasonable overdraft charges, but little is known about Payment Protection Insurance, Mortgage Exit Fees and Unfair Credit Card charges – all of which can be reclaimed. Debts.org knows exactly what can be reclaimed and will soon be ready to represent consumers in winning back their money.