Looking for a unique Christmas gift? Precious Monkey launches online jewellery store

Bespoke silver jewellery from new online jewellery store Precious Monkey JewelleryJewellery shopping, as we know it, is set for an almighty shake-up, as The Precious Monkey Jewellery Company opens its online doors in time for Christmas. A unique and ingenious web-based concept, Precious Monkey Jewellery offers people the chance to design their own exquisite and bespoke silver jewellery at the click of a button (www.preciousmonkeyjewellery.co.uk).

Whether it’s in the style of Audrey Hepburn or Kate Moss, Twiggy or Agyness Deyn, the online jewellery store, Precious Monkey Jewellery, puts the design in the hands of the wearer. Precious Monkey Jewellery provides a blank canvas on which a unique silver necklace, pendant, bracelet or earring can be created from scratch – and the jewellery is delivered by Christmas!
Customers choose from a selection of cutting-edge shapes and elements to create their bespoke jewellery, including ovals, stars and circles; attach these to a thick or thin chain, long or short; and add a touch of glamour with a sprinkling of diamonds and other precious gems.

Precious Monkey bespoke jewellery online

Precious Monkey Jewellery also offers the option to shop online from a range of beautifully hand-crafted, pre-designed pieces of handmade jewellery. The perfect gift

for Christmas, the Launch Collection provides inspiration for those in search of outstanding and personalised Christmas gifts. Signature pieces from the Launch Collection include: the piece-de-resistance of the range, the Circles Diamond Pendant, a silver necklace

laced with 21 exquisite diamonds; the Ovals Multi Necklace, with beautifully sculptured oval elements, linked with a chunky sterling silver chain; and the Ovals Pearl Earrings, weighted with precision to ensure the delicate pearls hang effortlessly every time.

The website gives a dimension of flexibility to Precious Monkey Jewellery that has never been seen before. Bespoke jewellery collections can be tweaked and changed within a matter of days to keep track of key fashion trends. Watch this space as the Launch Collection will shortly be followed by an array of chic jewellery designs that will whet the appetite of budding fashion followers.

For those a little more tentative, but curious to explore their creative nature, the website also provides the platform to customise pre-designed pieces of silver jewellery by swapping out shapes or changing colours whilst retaining the core design created by the Master Jeweller, an experienced designer with more than 25-years experience of creating stunning pieces.

Commenting on the launch, Liz Clothier, the company’s Fashion Director said: “We are incredibly excited about the launch of Precious Monkey Jewellery and the fact that it will offer on-line customers the freedom to create. The ‘design your own jewellery concept has never been done before and we are confident it will encourage people to exercise their creative flair and create truly bespoke pieces of jewellery.

“Whilst we’re passionate about providing fresh, creative and exquisite designs, we want our customers to get creative and inspire us too. We believe that jewellery should reflect the wearer’s individuality and what better way to express it than to customise or design your very own pieces.”

Notes to editors:

For further information, visit www.preciousmonkeyjewellery.co.uk or contact Vickie North or Laura Thompson, T: 0113 394 4333, E: vickie.north@finncomms.com

  • Launch Collection prices range from £45 to £485: pendants available from £58 to £485; necklaces available from £73 to £249; bracelets available from £89 to £109; and earrings available from £45 to £79
  • Each piece of Precious Monkey Jewellery has a wealth of experience, innovation and passion behind its design. Master Jeweller, Nigel Townsend, who oversees every single design, is widely acknowledged as one of the UK’s most accomplished fine jewelers.
  • All Precious Monkey Jewellery is manufactured by a dedicated and passionate team in the UK. Every piece is handcrafted from the finest quality sterling silver, gold and precious gems. A key indicator of quality is the weight of each item; each item is weighty because it’s packed full of quality materials; no tin, no plating and no lightweights
  • Other services soon to be available online at www.preciousmonkeyjewellery.co.uk include: design your own elements bespoke service from the Master Jeweller; Gift Vouchers; more packaging options; care kits; fashion blogs/podcasts and much, much more.

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