On-Premise Web Conferencing Appliance Proves to be Most Cost-Effective Communications Solution

RHUB Communications, Inc. (RHUB), a premier provider of Web conferencing solutions, announced the successful implementation of the company’s TurboMeeting Web conferencing appliance at Nova Tool and Mold Inc. Nova is a Canadian manufacturer of molds, prototypes, and fixtures. The company purchased TurboMeeting from RHUB’s Canadian Distributor Partner, Monsoon Networks. The Monsoon/Nova deployment of TurboMeeting exemplifies the advantages and cost-effectiveness of on-premise Web conferencing, where the customer owns and controls all aspects of Web conferencing.

Mold and tooling manufacturing is very precise and demanding. To avoid expensive errors and rework, design specifications must be absolutely correct before production commences. Prior to TurboMeeting, Nova project managers would drive or fly to visit clients, bringing a laptop with designs and engineering specifications to review, and returning with approval to proceed. With clients around the world, Nova recognized that it needed to minimize the costs and time associated with business travel in order to stay competitive. At Monsoon’s recommendation, Nova selected RHUB’s TurboMeeting Web conferencing solution. TurboMeeting is an on-premise appliance which is owned and controlled by Nova, and installed at Nova’s headquarters in Windsor, Ontario.

“TurboMeeting has allowed us to stay in touch with our customers worldwide, both spontaneously and in structured meetings,” said Alex Toldo, Program Manager for Nova Tool and Mold. “With TurboMeeting, we have achieved significant cost reductions by reducing the need for on-site visits. In fact, TurboMeeting paid for itself in the first month.”

Prior to TurboMeeting, Nova had used several hosted Web conferencing services – all with unforeseen drawbacks. Attendees were frequently unable to connect to meetings due to firewall and internal IT security features, necessitating IT help and causing meetings to start late. Nova also discovered some unpleasant surprises when the monthly bills arrived because hosted services often include “hidden” costs based on frequency, duration, and enhanced services.

Based on Nova’s experiences with other Web conferencing options, the company came up with several criteria for their ideal solution, all of which were met by TurboMeeting:
– Cost certainty – yet affordable and scalable
– Web-enabled and accessible anywhere
– Easy-to-use for both host and attendee
– Requiring absolutely no IT support to be connected to a meeting
– Ability to whiteboard, annotate, and record a meeting
– Ability to switch from interactive to seminar mode

“With TurboMeeting, we can quickly and easily conference multiple people in widely dispersed locations for real-time collaboration,” added Alex Toldo. “Especially important for us is the whiteboard feature, which lets us conduct virtual brainstorming sessions with full annotation capability.”

RHUB offers a complete line of Web conferencing solutions, specializing in on-premise Web conferencing appliances. On-premise appliances give users complete ownership and control of the hardware and software, and offer significant advantages over hosted solutions, including:
– Lower Total Cost of Ownership
– Enhanced access security
– No IT support required
– Integration features to enhance usability within customer environments
– Customization opportunities

RHUB’s on-premise Web conferencing appliances are available in capacities that serve SMBs to global enterprises, and come with a one-year warranty for hardware and software. For a full listing of TurboMeeting appliances and specifications, visit www.rhubcom.com.

Web Conferencing and the Environment

Organizations today recognize the advantages of incorporating environmental and social responsibility into their business models. Integrating “green” thinking into their operations translates to environmental benefits, operating cost reductions, more productive and satisfied employees, and an improved bottom line. Web conferencing is inherently green. It offers significant environmental benefits by performing as a substitute for business travel and by facilitating telecommuting – both of which reduce energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

About Monsoon Networks Inc.

Founded in 1989, Monsoon Networks Inc. enables companies to maximize profitability and productivity, by integrating information technology into all aspects of their business. Monsoon is the Authorized Canadian Distributor for the TurboMeeting and TurboSupport family of online collaboration appliances from RHUB Communications Inc.

About RHUB Communications

RHUB is a premier provider of on-premise Web conferencing, remote support and remote access appliances, based on the Company’s TurboMeeting software, that meet the needs of any organization. The Company’s end users total over 8,000 in a variety of market segments including services, manufacturing, and government. RHUB’s on-premise Web conferencing appliances focus on criteria of the highest importance to users: ease-of-use, affordability, security, control, and reliability. RHUB’s breakthrough View-Only technology enables users of any platform to join meetings by a browser, requiring no download. With a small footprint, and power draw of only 4.5 watts, RHUB’s on-premise Web conferencing appliances are the perfect choice for organizations seeking to improve their environmental credentials. RHUB is privately-owned and headquartered in Silicon Valley, California. For more information, visit http://www.rhubcom.com

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