Itamar Medical’s Endo-PAT2000 now available in Italy

Itamar Medical, an international medical technology company developing noninvasive diagnostic systems using the Peripheral Arterial Tone (PAT™) Signal, announced today its distribution agreement with EndoTech SPA to bring Itamar Medical’s patented Endo-PAT2000, the first simple, office-based diagnostic test for the assessment of endothelial function, to the Italian market.

EndoTech SPA, based in Como, Italy, specializes in the distribution and launch of innovative medical instrumentation technologies in Italy, and features extensive knowledge and experience in the cardiovascular field. This ideal partnership will allow Itamar Medical to reach new market and distribution goals for the Endo-PAT2000. With powerful sales force that reaches every corner of the Italian market, EndoTech SPA offers the optimized customer, scientific, and technical support for the continued success of its product portfolio, which now includes the Endo-PAT2000.

“We are thrilled to partner with EndoTech SPA in our efforts to bring the Endo-PAT2000 to Italy,” said Israel Schreiber, President and CEO of Itamar Medical. “This new cooperative agreement paves the way for patients in Italy to get tested with the Endo-PAT2000, providing them with a comprehensive picture of their endothelial cell function, a critical factor in cardiac health.”

For years, endothelial function assessment was a privilege reserved solely to vascular research labs, as there was no easy-to-use, reproducible assessment method. Itamar Medical has developed the first inexpensive, office-based diagnostic test for endothelial function. The Endo-PAT2000 is a noninvasive device that measures endothelial function by using bio-sensors mounted on patients’ fingers. These sensors measure minute changes in vascular tone using the PAT Signal.

About Itamar Medical

Itamar Medical (TASE: ITMR) is a medical technology company developing noninvasive diagnostic systems using Peripheral Arterial Tone (PAT™) signal, including the Watch-PAT™ systems for the diagnosis of sleep related breathing disorders and the Endo-PAT™ systems for assessment of endothelial function, a condition recognized as an early stage of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. For further information see

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