Over 60 new adventures in Africa with 10% off from G.A.P Adventures

G.A.P Adventures, the world’s leading adventure travel company, has expanded its range of tours to Africa. They are also offering its travellers 10% off all new Africa 2009 trips booked by November 30, 2008 with travel completed by April 30, 2009.

“Wildlife is one of the big draws of Africa: a safari riding on an elephant in the savannah or a photo of mountain gorillas are unique experiences, and can touch visitors deeply and beckon them to return again and again,” says Bruce Poon Tip, CEO of G.A.P Adventures. “We are now launching a brand new range of small group tours that will allow travellers to experience the wilder side of this fascinating continent without breaking the bank” adds Poon Tip.

G.A.P Adventures’ new Africa trips include:

Voodoo Trail

Venture where few travellers dare along the mysterious Voodoo trail through the authentic towns and villages of West Africa! This 16 day tour begins in Togo, where visitors can join the dances and trances of a mystical Voodoo ceremony in a local village. Travellers will enter the kingdom of Ketou and, after meeting his Majesty the Oba, they will witness the traditional Dancing Masks of Egun. Another highlight includes hiking to the small ancient villages in Burkina Faso and learning how locals live while staying in a traditional homestead.
Price: 1079 GBP + 400 USD local payment

For more information: http://www.gapadventures.com/tour/DVVT

South Africa Luxury Safari

This is an independent trip with the finest touch of comfort. Track down the ‘Big 5’ – leopard, lion, buffalo, rhino, and elephant – on this journey through South Africa, while travelling in style and enjoying superior hotels and luxury chalets. Travellers will drive through world-renowned Kruger National Park to a private game lodge which allows for even more wildlife encounters off-road. They will also stay at San Wild Savannah Lodge – a working animal rescue unit, releasing zebras, giraffes, pangolins and many other protected species back into their natural habitat. Finally, travellers will venture along the scenic Panorama Route and finish their journey at the Birds of Prey Rehabilitation Centre, where they will learn how raptors are rescued and treated in order to be released back in to the wild.

Price: 1729 GBP

For more information: http://www.gapadventures.com/tour/TDASDS

Project Tanzania – Volunteer Tour

Make a lasting positive impact while visiting one of the most stunning regions of Africa! This 13 day adventure strikes a balance between exploration and volunteering. Travellers will spend a few days in Zanzibar volunteering on a community project which may involve assisting teachers in local schools or participating in marine and beach conservation. After the volunteer portion of the tour, travellers will enjoy game viewing in Serengeti National Park and a unique safari experience down to the crater floor of Ngorongoro.

Price: 1029 GBP + 400 USD local payment

For more information: http://www.gapadventures.com/tour/DTPJ

Botswana and Falls Safari

This 11-day trip is a great way to experience the untouched African wilderness. After exploring Victoria Falls, a natural wonder of the world, travellers may take advantage of a range of activities, from white-water rafting and canoeing on the Zambezi to an elephant-back safari. They will also visit Chobe, Botswana’s largest national park to see the resident elephants, crocodiles and hippos, among other native wildlife. Finally, travellers will explore the Okavango Delta in the best way possible – by riding aboard a mokorro, the traditional dug-out canoe of Africa.

Price: 919 GBP + 3170 ZAR local payment

For more information: http://www.gapadventures.com/tour/DABV

Nairobi to Johannesburg Adventure

This exciting 31-day adventure encompasses seven Southern African countries from Kenya down to South Africa. Travellers will spot a multitude of animal and bird life in the Serengeti national park, drive past majestic Mt Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain and relax on the white sand beaches of Zanzibar, the “spice island”. They will then head towards “the warm heart of Africa” and travel along the shores of the unique Lake Malawi before reaching the breathtaking Victoria Falls.

Travellers will also have the opportunity to choose among a variety of optional activities, including white water rafting, bungee jumping on the Zambezi River and elephant-back safari. They will then continue their journey towards Chobe National park in Botswana in search of hippos while cruising down the Okavango River and will finish this journey in Johannesburg, South Africa’s largest city.

Price: 1379 GBP + 700 USD

For more information: http://www.gapadventures.com/tour/DKNJ

Visit www.gapadventures.com/new to see all of G.A.P Adventures’ brand new trips to Africa. Note: Trips are listed before discount, are land only and do not include international airfare.

About G.A.P Adventures

G.A.P Adventures is a world leader in the adventure travel industry offering small group adventures on all seven continents and beyond to more than 85,000 global travelers annually. The award-winning trips, which focus on culture, nature and active travel, are ideal for those with a sense of adventure – people who want to leave the beaten path and authentically immerse themselves in a local culture or environment to experience the real world in a sustainable manner. Demonstrating its ongoing cultural, social and economic commitment to responsible tourism, G.A.P Adventures established the Planeterra Foundation, as a way the company and its passengers can give back to the communities visited. For more information, please visit www.gapadventures.com and www.planeterra.org.


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