Battlefield Technology Now Available For First Aid

Celox™ battlefield technology is now available for all bleeding wounds; from minor cuts and grazes, to deeper trauma and potentially lethal bleeding.

MedTrade, Crewe, UK is proud to announce the launch of 3 new product formats, which quickly stop bleeding.

Celox Home (2g) for lacerations, minor cuts and abrasions.

Celox Industrial (25g) for higher risk workplace first aid such as oil, mining, construction, etc.

Celox CE (15g) for a broad range of emergency first aid applications within Europe.

Celox™ rapidly controls moderate to severe bleeding from arterial, deep arterial or high flow sites within seconds of application by attracting red blood cells to its surface and forming a strong gel plug which seals the wound.

Since its introduction to the US market in 2006 Celox’s™ ability to quickly clot blood has made it a popular choice for US special forces and with police, fire departments and ambulance crews in dealing with life threatening incidents. Celox™ has been demonstrated to rapidly and reliably stop major bleeding in major wounds whether occurring on the battlefield, through knife lacerations, gunshots or from a work related incidents. Celox works independently of temperature and the bodies own blood clotting mechanisms. It is also able to clot blood in the presence of anti-coagulants such as Heparin and Coumadin.

Craig Hardy, CEO of MedTrade, said “the battlefield format of Celox™ has received an outstanding reception. One of my greatest pleasures is hearing of the times when Celox have saved lives. It is now fantastic to be able to offer Celox to a wider range of first aid applications. Wider availablity will allow more people to be prepared for both major and now more minor accidents.”

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About MedTrade:- MedTrade was formed in 1999 and based in Crewe, UK, MedTrade develops, manufactures and supplies novel wound care products for professional and consumer healthcare markets around the world.

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