Icelandic Mountain Guides undaunted by melting

Despite the melting glaciers, and because of the melting Icelandic krona, the good people at Icelandic Mountain Guides are confident they can continue to entice foreign tourists up onto the ice to experience wild Iceland in ever increasing numbers.

The Glaciers are open – contrary to the word on the streets! “I heard the glaciers are closing down because of the rain,” is something the Icelandic Mountain Guides often hear. And it is true of course: Global Warming as well as the rain will without doubt put an end to many glaciers on the earth some time in the future. But that is some centuries away … at least one!

The most successful Icelandic Mountain Guides glacier walks are operated throughout the whole year. Furthermore, during rain showers or soon after a heavy rain on the glacier it gets its deep blue crystal like appearance that glaciers are so well known for; but which cannot be described in mere words.

“Just three times over the past two months have we had to cancel these most popular walks to the glacier tong of Solheimajokull because of high winds. But some rain showers are only in our favour!” one of the mountain guides jokes.

As the glaciers are melting, it is clear there may only be a century or two left to come to Iceland and see them. And with the rate of the Icelandic krona seemingly melting like a glacier in Florida, now might just be the time.

After being known to many as one of the most expensive destinations in Northern Europe Iceland became one of the most affordable destinations overnight. This means not only the beer is cheaper but also everything Iceland is best known for i.e. pristine nature and adventure comparable to none.

Now when it’s about 40 percent cheaper to stay in one of the top hotels in Reykjavik it is much more appealing for visitors to do something they’ll never forget.

According to the website of The Evening Standard in UK, “Experts are expecting a mini-tourist boom to the Northern Lights, Blue Lagoon and glaciers in the wake of massively reduced prices.”

But this might not last for long, so if you’ve been in doubt… don’t hesitate and let the Icelandic Mountain Guides lead you through some of the most thrilling destinations in Iceland.