London offers cost free Reputation Management briefing

Augure, the professional Corporate Reputation Management company has released details of its ‘breakfast briefing’ about Reputation Management to be held on the 21 October at London’s Dorchester Hotel.

Reputation Management is an essential part of doing business in the modern world. Now that news and rumours regularly spread quickly from blogs and newswires to television and newspapers, the magnifying effect can influence an entire company’s future.

Good news stories from firms need to be promoted pointedly and with speed before they lose their shine. And in the modern 24/7 media world, even huge news can disappear quicker than ice in the Sahara if not managed properly.

Similarly, failure to control and limit bad news or vicious rumours can quickly affect a company’s share price and customers’ long term perception of the business – and the window of opportunity for damage limitation is particularly small.

Though increasingly aware of the need for effective Reputation Management – Augure knows that business leaders don’t always know exactly what to do about it on a practical level. That’s where the idea for the breakfast briefing came from.

An enlightening yet intensive introduction to the world of Reputation Management, the briefing is conveniently scheduled to run from 08.15 to 10.40 on 21 October 2008.

The Augure breakfast briefing will comprise four different discussions: Online Reputation Management – Monitoring the Media and Reacting to the “Buzz”, New Tools – Reputation Management Solution demo, Successful Communications Strategies – Managing Stakeholders Effectively, and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Reporting – Making Sense of Your CR Reporting Obligations.

Without over simplifying the issues, the breakfast briefing is designed to give an insight into Reputation Management from several viewpoints. Furthermore, speakers in the discussions are among the foremost experts in the Reputation Management field.

Alyson Slater is a specialist CSR and Sustainability Consultant with extensive experience and colourful anecdotes relevant to every business. Kristjan Mar Hauksson is the Founder and Director of Internet Marketing at Nordic eMarketing, and an in-demand speaker at SEO and online marketing conferences across Europe, Asia and America. Terence Lyons and Michael Jais are two of the people responsible for making Augure a world leader in corporate Reputation Management.

Registration is free, but space is limited. For further information or to register, go to: