Voluntourism.co.uk – new website for voluntourism holidays

Voluntourism.co.uk offers visitors the opportunity to access a wide range of voluntourism holidays throughout the world. The new website allows travellers to book voluntourism holidays from companies that meet recognised responsible tourism standards.

Following the Tsunami in 2004, “In Sri Lanka, we found that there were a great many concerned travellers who wanted to help but who were frustrated by how much support they could offer because they were not able to commit to long-term volunteer projects”, says Len. “We realised that holidays were needed that gave travellers who could only commit small amounts of time the chance to lend a hand in areas where it was needed.”

Since then, the term ‘voluntourism’ has evolved, which describes those holidays that allow travellers to commit a few days to volunteering out of a normal holiday. The availability and popularity of such ‘voluntourism’ holidays has grown at an impressive rate, alongside the demand for more responsible tourism.

www.voluntourism.co.uk intends to bring together all the best voluntourism programmes onto one web site – a site that covers not just voluntourism but also volunteer travel, responsible tourism and other ethically motivated/inspired holidays and accommodation.

Every tour provider on the website is vetted to ensure that they meet the criteria of Voluntourism.co.uk and they must submit a responsible tourism policy as well as information on how each tour or accommodation benefits the local community environment.
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