Fund Mojo announces a new mutual fund discovery tool

Due to popular demand for real time information in the mutual fund industry, Fund Mojo has recently announced a new mutual fund discovery tool called “Fund Impact” to allow users analyze mutual funds impacted by the most active stocks on NYSE and NASDAQ.

Given extreme volatility in the stock market recently for companies such as American International Group (AIG), Merrill Lynch (MER), Lehman Brothers (LEH), and Citigroup (C), many mutual fund investors are interested to discover which mutual funds they own might be significantly impacted by today’s actively traded stocks in major stock markets such as NYSE or NASDAQ. Through a real-time evaluation of 26,000+ mutual funds, Fund Mojo presents users with an aggregated view of all impacted mutual funds. For example, if a user wants to view all mutual funds impacted by AIG, they can visit Fund Mojo at: and input the stock symbol “AIG”.

For busy users who want real time alert, Fund Mojo also provides a mutual fund RSS feed generated from today’s most actively traded stocks in real-time. The feed can be subscribed at

About Fund Mojo:

Fund Mojo provides services and tools to help investment professionals and individual investors discover best mutual fund managers so that they can achieve private equity return without hefty fees. By looking deeply into a fund manager’s performance history, risk adjusted return, portfolio holdings and transactions, Fund Mojo systematically analyzes 26,000+ mutual funds and help investors and financial professionals find the top 2% of mutual fund managers who have been with their fund for more than 5 years and can consistently beat the market with low fee and lower risk. Combining this information with better asset allocation model and in-depth fund analysis and top stock holdings, Fund Mojo empowers its users with the knowledge to achieve superior returns over time.

For more information on Fund Mojo, its report and services, please visit Fund Mojo at