TheVisionWorld partners with WebHostingChat, providers of an extensive web-based helpdesk software “Vision – helpdesk”, today announced their new partnership with, one of the leading Web Hosting discussion forums.

“Vision” is a promising helpdesk software, having a potential to deliver features that any organization needs to manage their day to day customer care and support activities. “Vision” provides the optimum combination of call management automation, functionality and flexibility, delivering a comprehensive Helpdesk solution that satisfies most IT service managment requirements.

“We always urge to help WebHostingChat members by all possible means to improve their business. With this partnership, we can now offer Free Vision Helpdesk Annual License to our most active members.( Eligibility – A member should have minimum 100 posts on WebHostingChat)”, said WebHostingChat CEO – David Kathir”.

A helpdesk plays an important role for a company, it not only opens communication channel between customers and the company but acts as a central hub for help and information for both customers and company employees. Keeping this in mind, Company HR. Preeti Sharma comments, “We’re really excited with this partnership since the major client base for “Vision” is definitely the Webhosting Sector. We view our partnership with WebHostingChat as an important step forward in our continuing goal to make “Vision” more widely available to businesses of all sizes.”

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