Summer 2009 Holidays: A ‘silverlining’ sunlight for our dark grey climates

According to the MET office this summer’s weather [2008] has been ‘harder to predict’, a leading weather forecaster admits.

Unpredictable atmospheric conditions in the Atlantic are blamed by John Hirst, the chief executive of the Met Office. Despite a multi-million pound investment in forecasting services, summer 2008 has been more difficult to predict than the previous few years.

Book Summer 2009 Sunshine

Last month, now also known as ‘Awful August’, was the greyest August in Britain since records began in 1914, and to add our poor record one of the wettest months. Britain had just 105.5 hours of sunshine in August , the average is 165, another drop amongst the raindrops.

To get more sunshine amongst all these clouds, a holiday is the utmost thought, however due to our gloomy economy climate as well, most of us can’t afford sky high prices. Just like the sun, cheap holidays are in demand even more, as Nick Jackson, Managing Director from Freedom Direct Holidays can verify:

“We are finding that summer 09 sales are going surprisingly well given the ubiquitous “credit crunch” and supposed looming recession. We assume this is because customers are looking to carefully budget for and pay off their holidays over several months, rather than take a risk on credit card charges.”

All inclusive holidays are particularly popular as they have the added advantage of putting a manageable ceiling on actual spend while on holiday.”

It really does make sense to plan some sun and look at the hot cheap deals for summer 2009. The weather is not the only reason whether to book now or later, you can also budget better for summer 2009 holidays especially with great value early deals and low deposits, not to mention have something to look forward to. Freedom Direct Holidays offer affordable low deposits and cheap deals, so secure your summer hotspot.

Summer 2009 Hotspots include:

* The Algarve: Provides scorching sun and beautiful beaches.
* Majorca: A Mediterranean favourite with many sun traps.
* Turkey: The country of contrast, a hotspot that just keeps getting hotter.
* Greece: So many islands, so many shores, ideal for beach holidays.
* Canaries: Year round sunshine and temperatures that rarely fall below 18°c.
* Spain: Last but not least of this sample list, Spain firmly remains a hotspot on the travellers map.

As schools start back 2009’s school holidays aren’t far away, in fact only less than a year away, so why not have a countdown to your summer holidays as well as Christmas, make another advent calendar.

Winter is imminently upon us, the Christmas and winter period provide another window to sun or snow holidays if you prefer. Winter 2008 / 2009 holidays are another option to get more sun than snow – or if you’re after snow then is for you; holidays in the snow offer adventure with great ski and snowboarding activities.

There is a world of choice and although last minute holidays are still an option, with low deposits and many early booking discounts, our bad weather should result in a good decision to plan some sun and book early for summer 2009.

‘Every cloud has a silver lining’; trust the long established Freedom Direct Holidays to make your holiday, after all they have arranged millions of great value holidays, so the forecast now looks a bit brighter.

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