Case Management System launched online by GCS Group.

The GCS Group has launched their newly developed tool for facilitating Case Management for their clients online. This intuitive web based application provides case managers a flexible and versatile tool for accessing and managing cases at anytime from anywhere. They can manage cases and quotes using the CMS and streamline their business processes by ready access to case & quote status, transactions, clients and partner information instantly.

Being Online CMS needs no other software to install, nothing to maintain, and no transaction synchronization to perform and remains always update. The system administrator has to learn a few simple steps to customize the CMS environment so as to tailor emails, letterhead, invoices, and even the processes that govern the company’s case management strategy.

It prompts mandatory fields to be completed while entering information and accurately documents the cases and ensures the security of database by constant monitoring and taking daily backups. With an accumulated data, user develops a worldwide database of constantly growing potential subjects. It also has the facility to select currencies, embedded email, phone, address information for contacts and pre defined templates to request and receive quotes or cases, route quotes and cases to and from other partners, record and track transactions, view case or quote status, and communicate quickly and easily.

It has three important features namely batch upload, built- in reporting system and quick & accurate search capability. The batch upload feature is capable of reading Excel spreadsheets and allows multiple case entries into system. The built-in reporting system enables to customize and generates reports and export them into PDF or Excel formats while the search capability makes it easy to find information and reduces paperwork. CMS allows the partners and clients to stay in touch with cases and quotes throughout a global network of seventy countries.

Global Credit Solutions (GCS) is one of the world’s largest credit and risk management specialists. With more than 3,000 people, employed in over 75 countries, GCS has the resources to ensure protection from risk wherever their clients are trading. With their applied technology, sustained financial health, and global network of experts, committed partners, leadership and complete client satisfaction; GCS is emerging as a global leader in the development and provision of Credit Management and Risk Management Services.

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