Holiday and Sun Revivals: Winter in Spain

Spain is a holiday destination that often typifies holidays for many, however as wildly reported the under surge of non-European holidays to great locations such as Turkey and Egypt is very much so on the rise. Spanish tourism has subsequently seen a drop in tourists this summer, with the credit crunch a contributing factor as well as increasingly attractive and distanced neighbors such as Turkey and Egypt.

To counteract Spain’s drop this summer and stimulate interest this Winter, Spanish Tourism Authorities have taken the initiative step called “Winter in Spain”.

“It’s a proposal by the government to attract people outside the usual summer holiday period. We are renowned for our sun, and that sun shines all year round,” a Tourism and Industry Ministry spokesman said this week.

The strategy is in development – and results will not be instant, hotel refurbishment and rebranding resorts such as Costa Del Sol will take time. The strategy and ongoing action is welcome, as effectively competition between countries is a drive for improvement that will help tourists get more for their money.

The government has pledged 500m euros to update shabby hotels and resort complexes. Cash injections will make a great difference, as cash flow is often the root of the sporadic construction problems experienced in Spain, so ‘incomplete’ sites will gradually be cleaned up.

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Spain is right to focus on the winter sun aspect, as they make a particularly great destination for family holidays.

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