Egypt becomes even more Tourist Friendly

Egypt is an increasingly popular holiday destination, one that holiday company Freedom Direct can verify, as well as increasing popularity Egypt is becoming even more ‘tourist friendly’, as the Egyptican Government invests in tourist friendly areas.

The Egyptian Government is working on a three phase project to make the Pyramid Plateau, approximately 30km south of Cairo, more friendly to tourists and more secure.

The Egyptian Minister of Culture Farouk Hosni has recently opened the first stage of the $26 million project.

The first stage includes a perimeter fence to improve security, CCTV and motion detectors have also been installed, it may sound strict however the aim is not only to improve security but tourists experience and enjoyment of one of Egypt’s many astounding historical sites.

“It was a zoo,” Zahi Hawass, Egypt’s chief archaeologist, said of the usual free-for-all at the pyramids. “Now we are protecting both the tourists and the ancient monuments.”

According to officials the two other stages of the project for developing the area feature an improved lighting system, more road maintenance and parking management and a general upgrade of the area, including an information centre, a services complex as well as souvenir stores.

Overall there will be more facilities and less hassle for tourists wanting to see the pyramids and temples, particularly as the over-bearing peddlers are being better controlled, so a great wonder of the world can be seen in a more organised, secure and enjoyable way. The modern improvements and features will be subtly integrated to support the site for all and not distract from the archaeological prominence.

It’s not just any day you see the majestic pyramids, temples and fascinating culture Egypt has to offer, with improvements to the tourist experience it’s clear why Egypt undoubtedly makes a great Holiday, and Freedom Direct can make it a great cheap holiday to Egypt including Sharm El Sheikh, Luxor, Hurghada and Taba.