Dust off your running shoes your social life is about to get active!

fill-my-time.JPGAnnouncing the launch of www.FillMyTime.com the brilliant new sports networking website aimed at uniting sports lovers, and providing information about a wide range of sporting activities in your local area; from wake boarding to good old rambling FillMyTime has it covered.

All users are required to do is log on and complete a profile detailing the sports they are interested in along with their level of expertise. Although it is a lot of fun, the site is not simply f or socialising, it is your one-stop-shop for all things sporting and can be used to:

– Find a running partner
– Find a marathon buddy
– Search for and meet likeminded members in your area of the same ability.
– Find sports clubs in your area.
– Find an instructor.
– Find events to participate in or visit as a spectator.
– Get tips on getting started, improving your skills and training for events.

The site, however, is not only useful for individuals; clubs and instructors can use it to promote their sport through communicating with their target audience; offering help and advice and encouraging folk to come along to events. What’s more FillMyTime breaks down the self consciousness many people feel when discussing their sporting ability, your anonymity should you choose to maintain it can allow you to ask the silliest of questions without the fear that the instructor will laugh at you.

So if you are looking to get find a sport in your area, or perhaps are looking to increase your fitness then join FillMyTime today.

To celebrate its launch FillMyTime are giving away FREE lifetime Gold memberships to everyone registering before August 2008. Sign up today to claim your FREE Gold membership! www.FillMyTime.com