BizzEnergy installs 1000th Smart Meter for business customers

bizz_logo.gifThe UK’s premier independent energy provider, BizzEnergy, this week released details of the installation of its 1000th Smart Meter.

BizzEnergy is known for being industrious and innovative in a market dominated by the six big suppliers. The company is committed to delivering Smart Meters to 20 percent of its business customer base by the end of 2008.

BizzEnergy already has advanced orders for an additional 1000 Smart Meters which it will install by the end of May. The Meters are designed to help businesses run their energy more efficiently, and in turn reduce costs.

The company was the first provider to offer the Smart Meter in 2004 and has been pioneering it ever since. The Smart Meter uses GPRS technology to send actual meter readings to energy suppliers putting an end to estimated bills, a common complaint for business customers who need to keep a close eye on cash-flow.

Recent studies conducted by the Energy Savings Trust have shown that the implementation of Smart Meters can reduce energy consumption by as much as 20%.

BizzEnergy has recently boosted its campaign to fit Smart Meters at the majority of its customers’ premises. A BizzEnergy Smart Meter enables customers to track their energy consumption and costs by providing the data in half hourly segments. Each month this data is downloaded to BizzEnergy and customers can use it to see when they are using energy and identify what steps they could take to reduce their costs and environmental impact.

“It’s clear that customers no longer want or expect estimated bills, and why should they when the technology exists to make these a thing of the past?” says James Constant, COO at BizzEnergy.

Established in 2000, BizzEnergy has become the largest independent power supplier for businesses in the UK. BizzEnergy offers small and medium sized businesses a range of competitive energy tariffs, including several green options, as well as smart metering products to improve energy efficiency.

For further information please visit the BizzEnergy website.