BizzEnergy backs new initiative to tackle energy costs

BizzEnergy The UK’s largest independent electricity supplier, BizzEnergy, has signed up to a national scheme aimed at helping charities deal with rising energy prices.

The Charity Utility Initiative (CUI) has been set-up to help not-for-profit organisations analyse and reduce their energy consumption. Organisations signed up to the scheme can benefit from lower energy costs and tools to improve their energy efficiency. Furthermore, the CUI will provide customers with an Energy Efficient Manager recruited from the National Disability Register.

The CUI has been set up to provide energy support to multi and high usage clients via the Government’s approved use of Automated Meter Readings (AMR) also known as Smart Meters. The devices, which take meter readings on a half-hourly basis, take the guesswork out of billing by providing actual, 100% accurate meter readings. Thanks to this technology, customers can track and price their energy consumption and identify areas in which to cut-back and save on cost and energy.

Users can then use this information to move onto more energy efficient options in order to reduce bills and lessen their environmental impact. Both energy companies are also looking to reduce the cost of AMR installation to a point where the cost of installation is offset but the savings made.

The Energy Efficiency Manager; recruited and trained from the National Disability Register will help end users drive down the cost of energy usage. By analysing the smart meter data and producing simple and easily understood reports, the managers will help and support clients in understanding their energy usage and how to reduce it. They will also help multi sited companies develop the use of smart metering throughout their organisation. Once fully trained, the managers will have full time employment through the CUI with the choice to work from home or the office.

William Campbell from the CUI said: “We have identified a need from our specific type of clients for this help and are grateful to BizzEnergy for their support in this initiative. Recent price hikes mean charities are struggling, but often do not have the time to analyse their energy consumption. This scheme helps tackle that problem while also providing secure employment for skilled individuals who may otherwise struggle to find work.”

“We are always looking for ways to improve the way the energy industry operates so that customers can benefit from better services,” said Ben Wooltorton, Marketing Director from BizzEnergy. “We have led innovation in Smart Metering since first introducing them in 2004, and this initiative forms part of our continued work in this area. At a time when consumers are dealing with high prices the benefits of smart metering are clear, and we are pleased to be part of a scheme that looks to help this sector utilise the technology to help their business.”

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