Millions of pounds each year is wasted due to avoidable delays, reports site accommodation hire specialists, Konstructa Hire

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On time delivery of site accommodation could save the construction industry £50 million every year, according to site accommodation hire company Konstructa Hire. Delays to building projects are all too common, as Konstructa Hire has discovered through reports from their clients, 50% of whom require last-minute site cabins, following problems with other suppliers.

Many building projects are unnecessarily delayed because of site accommodation being delivered late or not meeting required standards or specifications.

This is the experience of the construction clients who turn to Konstructa Hire to supply them with temporary site accommodation over the duration of a building project.

It is estimated that 50% of contracts secured by Konstructa Hire are urgent deliveries to fix problems caused by other temporary accommodation hire companies.

The most common problem is lateness, with one day’s delay to the start of a building project being typical, the clients of Konstructa Hire report.

Many companies have also reported that the temporary site buildings delivered to them are simply of poor quality, common problems including –

• Low security levels
• Poor insulation
• Unsatisfactory refurbishment of buildings after previous hire

Alan Paige, General Manager of Konstructa Hire says: “We have been shocked by the feedback our clients have given us about the poor quality they have had from other site accommodation hire companies. We have discovered that quality, service and reliability are high priorities of key decision makers.

“When we deliver our clean, insulated, anti-vandal site cabins on the day agreed, many clients are surprised that they are getting what they were promised because they are so used to being let down.”

The Konstructa Hire anti-vandal site cabins have been designed specifically for use on-site and are therefore robust and secure.

The estimated yearly loss to the industry has been based on the cost of work time lost due to delayed deliveries of temporary site accommodation on building projects in the UK over a year.

Alan Paige continues: “Apart from the monetary loss, it is bad for our industry in general that there are such poor expectations. At Konstructa Hire we are fully committed to supplying top quality, vandal-proof site cabins for all our customers, on the date agreed at time of order. We promise to deliver standard anti-vandal cabins from stock within 48 hours if required.”

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