Teknomek pleased to announce launch of new lab chairs

As part of a continually evolving product range, Teknomek are pleased to announce their launch of a new range of coloured laboratory chairs.
Their highly versatile design gives them various practical uses in laboratory and clean room environments, and the ability to colour code provides easy differentiation between sectors/working zones as well as giving specific areas individual identities if needed.

Available as chairs with a back rest, semi stand up seats and stand up seats all models benefit from adjustable height and the choice of white, red, black, blue or purple polyurethane seat pads.
These 50mm covered foam seat/back pads are resistant to most acids and solvents as well as sparks and hydrocarbons. Risk of damage from sharp implements is minimal due to the high quality ‘solid moulding’ design which forms a split free covering over the seat.
Optional extras include tilting seats, the ability to add adjustable foot rests to chairs and semi stand up seats, and castors for easy manoeuvrability.

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The Teknomek website continues to enable quick and easy online ordering for their huge range of stainless steel products including work benches, dispensers, racking, hands free washing stations, trolleys of various designs, gowning room equipment and a wide selection of cupboards and cabinets.

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