A New Feminine Hygiene Product that contains natural ingredients that instantly cleans and neutralizes unwanted odors to make a woman feel fresh – introduced by Vienex USA

products.jpgHave you ever felt the need to have a spa near you everytime you experience an odor problem, or may be got commented on an odor problem…..no need to worry ….as Mystique Feminine Wipes takes care of your problems.

The research and development by a Gynecologist has resulted in the development of a natural ingredients based product that is an essential need for the female market, Mystique Feminine Wipes as the name suggests not only mask odors with fragrances, but takes cares of the factors that are responsible for the problems and gives a lasting freshness.

Developed after years of research and testing, Mystique Feminine Wipes became available for online purchase this week and is scheduled to debut in nationwide retail locations in early 2008. Mystique feminine wipes are unique and are not ordinary wipes. Mystique feminine wipes are the only wipes that instantly clean and neutralize the odor causing factors and do not contain any fragrance. This unique technology developed by a gynecologist after years of research provides a synergistic effect resulting in a dramatic relief during feminine hygiene applications. Mystique feminine wipes are easy to carry and can be discretely used anywhere, anytime instantly cleaning and eliminating odors associated with feminine hygiene.

Vienex USA director of research and development, Karen Stephens remarked, “Mystique is fragrance-free – and it’s a natural product that neutralizes odors where they begin – not just temporarily covering them up. This makes women more confident – and ultimately gives them a feeling of lasting freshness.” Ms. Karen continued, “We are seeing a tremendous interest from retailers and e-tailers looking to carry this type of product. This is a specific market niche – within a niche – as the Women’s market is looking for products with natural ingredients like Mystique Feminine Wipes. We are confident this product will be readily available through most major retailers in a matter of three to six months.”

Vienex USA Inc. is a Reno, Nevada based corporation. Their main product, Mystique Feminine Wipes, is a feminine hygiene product developed for as-needed and everyday use. Each box contains 10 individual wipes and comes in a portable package that’s great for travel or on-the-go women. Their website is http://www.mystiquewipes.com and their corporate office phone number is 253-793-2962.

Karen. Stephens
Vienex USA Inc.
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Phone: 253-793-2962