New York to host search engine marketing event

Search engine marketers are meeting for a week of spirited discussion and high-level learning which will give attendees actionable Internet battle plans for their companies.

Hundreds of exhibitors and Internet experts are expected to attend the Search Engine Strategies (SES) event next week in New York to discuss the latest in search marketing technology.

SES, which takes place between 17th and 20th of March, is a leading global conference and expo series that educates attendees on search engine marketing (SEM).

The line-up of speakers includes experts in a wide range of search marketing fields as well as representatives from search engines themselves. The event is seen as one of the most comprehensive SEM/SEO education opportunities in the US and a number of highly-specialized sessions on search engine optimization will be on offer.

Search marketing guru Kristjan M. Hauksson, director of a fast-growing Internet marketing company in Scandinavia, will speak at a session on ’Managing PPC for Multiple Clients‘. Kristjan and his colleagues will discuss industry best practices in PPC Account Management as well as geographical ad targeting, best use of ad spend per keyword, targeting competitive vs. niche keywords and managing multiple clients while using multiple ad tracks (AdWords, YSM, AdCenter, etc.)

The SES conference and expo is geared towards in-house Internet marketers, brand managers, specialists and general web technology professionals. Delegates at the conference and expo will also have the chance to network with a large number of search professionals and industry leaders.

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