The World is our Runway

Advertising agency Hvita Husid, which owns 10% of the Loewy Group, launched investment group Baugur to the fashion world at a recent luxury goods conference in Moscow.

Baugur Group, the international investment company based in Iceland, was the main sponsor of the Supreme Luxury event which was held in Moscow at the end of 2007.


The luxury goods conference, which was attended by prominent figures in the fashion world such as Donatella Versace and Tom Ford, gave attendees the opportunity to get to know the Baugur Group and its role in the fashion industry.

Hvita Husid, a leading advertising agency based in Iceland, was responsible for presenting Baugur’s growing fashion portfolio at the conference. The Icelandic investment company owns almost 20 international labels including Day Birger et Mikkelsen, Coast, Karen Millen and Oasis.

Hvita Husid designed the Baugur Group stand at the conference under the theme ‘The World is our Runway‘. The agency constructed a stunning catwalk based on an airport runway, complete with flashing lights and models with airport torches who guided conference goers to the stand. Built into the Baugur runway were ten 37″ television screens which streamed images from previous Baugur fashion shows.

Established in 1967, Hvita Husid is Iceland’s longest serving advertising agency and has devised marketing and advertising campaigns for the country’s biggest firms. The name Hvita Husid or ‘White House’ comes from the idea of an egg, which symbolises fertility and creativity. The egg is the concept behind Hvita Husid – a house full of ideas.

Hvita Husid is the 3rd largest shareholder of the expanding Loewy Group advertising agency in London. Loewy and Hvita Husid maintain a close working relationship and collaborate on marketing projects in market analysis, advertising, product design and branding.

Visit Hvita Husid’s website for more information on the Icelandic advertising agency and its marketing campaigns for Baugur and other international companies.