Thousand qualified in PRINCE2 with Firebrand Training in two years

Thousand qualified in PRINCE2 with Firebrand Training in two yearsPRINCE2 is widely used as a project management method in IT-projects in both public and private sectors, but it has become popular in non-IT projects as well. It is now the UK’s de facto standard for project management. One of the most effective ways to grasp the method is through Accelerated Learning.

Robert Chapman, CEO of the IT training company formerly known as The Training Camp says: “Firebrand Training is proud to say we have seen the 1000th qualified PRINCE2 student in our training course for the project management method. Our examination based course gives delegates accreditation at PRINCE2 Practitioner level.

“The training course equips delegates with a detailed knowledge and structure of the method, working through each stage of pre-project preparation and the project lifecycle.”

The Accelerated Learning pioneer Firebrand Training say the latest version of PRINCE2 method is designed to incorporate the requirements of existing users and to enhance the method towards a generic, best practice approach for the management of all types of projects.

The latest version of the project management method came about after design and development work was completed by a consortium of project management specialists, under contract to Office of Government Commerce (OGC).

“The Firebrand Training course on the PRINCE2 method details how to initiate projects, including the documentation to be produced such as the Project Initiation Document and the Business Case.

“It moves on to product delivery and controlling each stage of the project, from both the perspective of the Project Manager and the Project Board. The course then addresses the issues surrounding project completion,” Robert Chapman explains.

He says the IT training course combines the Foundations course, building on the delegate’s knowledge of the structure and content of PRINCE2 and tunes this knowledge into an understanding of the practical application of the project management method.


About PRINCE2 Program:

PRINCE2 was originally developed by the Central Computer and Telecommunications Agency (CCTA) now part of the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) in 1989 as a UK Government standard for IT project management.

The Firebrand Training Accelerated Learning course:

• Helps students grasp complex project management concepts more easily by identifying and catering to individual student learning styles through a mixed visual, auditory and kinaesthetic-tactual delivery system

• Enhances retention by employing accelerated learning techniques focused on committing information to long-term memory

• Is not like other bootcamps where just the exams are taught. In fact our PRINCE2 training courses is delivers more case based scenarios than traditional training or boot camps

About Firebrand Training (

Firebrand Training is challenging the way in which professional training is delivered.

Firebrand Training, formally known as The Training Camp, has pioneered Accelerated Learning courses for busy IT professionals. The organisation’s innovative approach to course delivery has led to its status as the Institute of IT Training’s “IT Training Company of the Year” for the three years – something no other IT Training company has achieved.

Students are totally immersed in the subject matter, receiving an average of 12 hours intense tuition per day at a residential training site. Subject experts implement a range of teaching methodologies designed to fit with how we best understand and retain information during different periods in the day.

Accelerated Learning is an attractive proposition for contractors, whose time commands very high premiums, and employers who need to minimise staff absence. Firebrand Training has an above average pass rate of 85% – confounding critics’ claims that Accelerated Learning fails to produce results.

Firebrand Training was founded by Robert Chapman and Stefano Capaldo in Summer 2001 as The Training Camp. Stefano was a former student in the US and rated the company’s approach so highly that he decided to launch a programme of courses in the UK.

The organisation has since been recognised by Microsoft as a Gold Partner for Learning Solutions (MCPLS) and over 12,000 students have been trained in the UK to date. The success of the company enabled the management team to relaunch as Firebrand Training, which is focused on delivering training courses specifically designed for a European market.

Firebrand Training offers a range of courses covering all major vendors such as Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, Sun, and Novell, as well as specialist certifications in the areas of security, business intelligence, project and business process management.