Stock Photography Community Launches – Sets to Become The Largest Resource

logo.gifReykjanesbaer, Iceland, Mar. 10, 2008. While there are a number of stock photography websites available online, most require large membership fees or even larger costs to download each individual image. In an effort to provide something completely different, StockVault has been developed as a stock photography sharing community that allows designers and photographers to share their photographs in an environment that allows free downloading and use for both personal and educational usage.

The StockVault stock photography website focuses primarily on offering free stock imagery for design students, bloggers, amateur photographers, web masters and non commercial organizations.

The StockVault website was recently re-launched with a new site design, and a number of additional features. Some of the features that are offered by this website include a Bulk uploading utility for photographers who want to share their photographs and a revenue sharing system for members who share their photography with the community.

There are also a number of advanced gallery functions available to members, including the ability to e-mail photos, and a light box utility. The light box utility makes storing and sharing photographs simple and straightforward.

StockVault also features RSS feeds for popular photos, newest photos and every gallery and an AJAX-based rating system that allows members to place ratings on all of the stock photography on the site.

In addition to the design facelift that the StockVault website underwent recently, this stock photography community has seen the addition of a number of innovations to make finding and using the right stock photographs easier than ever for members.

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About StockVault

StockVault was developed in 2001 when a graphic and media designer and amateur photographer by the name of Björgvin Gudmundsson decided to create a small online gallery where he could display his own stock photography. Over time, his personal photography gallery became StockVault, which has been growing at breakneck speeds ever since. serves more than 150,000 visitors each and every month. There are currently more than 9,300 stock photographs available in the gallery. More than 7,700 members currently access stock photography from more than 2000 photographers within the StockVault community.

Contact: Björgvin Gudmundsson
Company Name: StockVault
Phone: (+354) 866 8632