The Online Casino Godfather who just can’t stop winning!

IntercasinoTop Casino Award is given to Ryan Hartley, the chief and “godfather” of leading online casino, Intercasino.

Ryan Hartley has earned a reputation as being the ‘Godfather’ of online gaming. He has held the position of manager for the world’s oldest and most reliable online casino,, since it was founded in 1996. Within the brave world of gambling, this can almost seem like a lifetime.

Mr Hartley is known fondly as “il Padrino” within the online gaming industry, and is able to use is vast experience to reap big rewards for his much-loved InterCasino, where millions of people play poker online and other popular casino games.

The reputation of is outstanding – it is well known for innovation, excellence as well as player generosity. This was recognised last week when Mr Hartley gained a Top Casino Award on behalf of InterCasino at the Gambling Online Magazine awards ceremony.

This award is now placed next to the other six Top Casino Awards that InterCasino has won, making InterCasino’s reputation even more remarkable.

Its reputation with the customers must also be high, as the Gambling Online Magazine Awards are voted by their readers and not a panel of judges.

Mr Hartley’s mantelpiece must be the envy of anyone in the business, and Mr Hartley says ‘I’m running out of space to put all the awards!”, “I’ve also used up all my material in the acceptance speeches over the years – perhaps next year I’ll have to burst into tears on stage like a Hollywood actor!”

Although InterCasino holds the highest status as the most advanced, progressive and generous casino within the online gaming industry. However, his personal online persona is something that he refuses to change.

“I’d never let our designers get their hands on the ‘Virtual Ryan Hartley’ ” he says, “They’d have a field day reducing my hairline and expanding my waist… As long as I can keep their hands off ‘Virtual Ryan’, I’ll remain forever young!”

From his motivation and personality, you can get the feeling that online gaming’s ‘Godfather’ will be around, and forever young, for many years to come, which for InterCasino is a great asset.