Marel successful at the Poultry Expo in Atlanta, USA

Once again Marel Food Systems was present at IPE in Atlanta with a large selection of new equipment for the poultry industry. The exhibition was a real success and visitors showed a great interest in the equipment exhibited on the company’s booth.

Marel introduced the new production management system, INNOVA. Designed to be compatible with all Marel Food Systems machinery, INNOVA binds together the processes and the equipment in the production area. This brings production management to a whole new level by reducing the time that the factory manager spends actively monitoring the production process.

It is also evident that robotics is the way forward. The IPL Robot and RoboBatcher were real crowd gatherers. During all three exhibition days they demonstrated fixed weight tray batching of poultry fillets at extreme speed and accuracy.

The new SensorX – bone detection system –also gathered a lot of spectators. By x-raying the poultry fillets it will find even the very small pieces of bone in the meat and is a sure must in any poultry production judging from the interest we have had in the machine. The same applies for the ScanPortioner B22 which ran continuously, showing visitors how a 45-degree fillet cut can improve their yield.

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