Femin women reach for the cream

A new sensual health cream has been flying off the shelves at UK women’s lifestyle website femin.co.uk.

London (eNewsPR) 16 October 2007 – The heat has been turned up at femin.co.uk with the revolutionary Oh! Sensual Health Cream. The special women’s cream has been creating quite a storm in mainland Europe and is now set to do the same for women in Britain.

Oh! Cream has been uniquely designed for women for sensual stimulation and intimate care. The product is full of natural aphrodisiacs like L-Arginine, ginseng, wild yam and ginkgo biloba, plus the stimulant green tea, and is imbued with the aroma and titillating effect of mint, which all contribute to a phenomenal sexual sensation and orgasm intensification.

The classically-packaged ‘female Viagra in a cream’ is easy to use and delivers mind-blowing results. Modern women may be sexually liberated but they often lead hectic lives. Stress and fatigue undermine and can even block sensual impulses which are crucial for maximum pleasure during sexual intercourse. Oh! Cream enables women to keep sexuality and intimacy within easy reach.

Oh! Cream’s smooth texture is derived from olive squalane, which has a softening effect and when combined with the aloe vera, rice oil and shea butter, provides a protective hydrating layer.

The most effective result can be had by rubbing a few drops of Oh! Cream onto the lower area of the clitoris, which gives a warm titillating feeling and increases sexual pleasure. After about three treatments there will be a noticeable improvement in blood circulation leading to a more profound sexual experience.

Oh! Cream is meant for external use but can be safely applied to the vagina. There is also no problem if mouth or tongue should come in contact with the cream. Oh! Cream does not contain any added fragrances as the natural plant extracts in the cream, such as mint and green tea, provide it with a mild fresh scent.

To find out more or buy Oh! Sensual Health Cream visit women’s lifestyle website; femin.co.uk

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